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Advanced Environmental Options, Inc. is a leading expert in the Infectious/ Bio-hazardous Waste field.  As a registered transporter of Infectious Waste, you can be sure your medical related waste will be packaged, labeled, transported, tracked and destroyed following all SC Department of Health and Environmental Control, North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and other local, state and federal regulations.  These medical wastes may include biological, pathological, microbiological, chemotherapeutic, sharps, blood and bodily fluids, isolation and contaminated animal wastes. 

AEO is also a registered Reverse Distributor for all Schedule 3-5 and non-scheduled drugs.   This allows AEO to take your out-dated, recalled or damaged drugs for incineration. 

AEO provides these sevices for doctors and veterinary offices, private, state and veterans' hospitals, educational facilities, laboratories, police stations, sheriff's offices, pharmaceutical companies and research & development institutions. 

AEO only uses UN and DOT approved packaging following local, state and federal regulations for packing and transportation of all medical related wastes.  Call one of our sales representatives to be sure you stay in compliance with new packaging regulations. 

AEO understands the need for environmentally safe disposal of all forms of infectious, bio-hazardous and medical waste; therefore all shipments of these wastes are sent to approved disposal facilities with incineration as their final destination. 





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