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Advanced Environmental Options, Inc. provides safe, cost-effective, recycling and disposal of transformers and other oil filled electrical equipment.  The recycling and disposal can be conducted onsite or at one of our permitted facilities.

Oil Filled Electrical Equipment Recycling and Disposal

AEO can operate as the customer’s onsite waste / asset management team.  Units are tested to determine PCB content as well as expected lifespan and segregated for reuse or disposal.  AEO can follow up this service with complete draining, loading, transportation and disposal capabilities.

Scrap Electrical Equipment Recycling & Disposal

AEO offers a comprehensive Investment Recovery Program that provides our customers with revenue for their scrap, obsolete electrical equipment.  All recycling activities are managed in our permitted facilities.

PCB Transformer Recycling & Disposal

Equipment for disposal is shipped to a AEO facility for carcass destruction.  Transformers are segregated and sent to a smelter for resource recovery. 

PCB Oil and Chemical Destruction Services

Units can be drained at the customer’s site into drums, totes or tankers, or at a AEO facility. 

PCB Laboratory and Field Testing

On-site laboratories are capable of analyzing for PCB contamination of almost any type of material.  AEO also offers field sampling services for all types of electrical equipment.

Waste Tracking Services

Units without test results are tested to certify PCB status.  A Certificate of Destruction is issued to the generator following the processing completion for all transformer components and any oil for treatment.

Other Management, Recycling and Disposal Services

  • Lead shielded cable processing
  • Certified PCB analysis
  • PCB gas meter recycling
  • PCB transportation services
  • PCB fluid disposal
  • PCB solid waste disposal
  • Natural gas pipe disposal
  • Onsite sampling and draining
  • Mineral Oil Dielectric Fluid Recycling

AEO transformer disposal capabilities are complemented and supported by our onsite draining, dismantling, rigging and transportation services.

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