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Advanced Environmental Options, Inc. provides recycling opportunities, collection, management, regulatory and technical assistance for your Universal Waste Programs.  Universal wastes are hazardous wastes that are generated by a wide variety of people that contain mercury, lead, cadmium, copper and other substances hazardous to human and environmental health. In general, universal waste may not be discarded in solid waste landfills and are regulated at both the state and federal levels. Examples of these wastes are batteries, fluorescent tubes, pesticides, mercury-containing thermostats and some electronic devices. The best way to reduce the harmful effects of the wastes on human health and the environment is to reduce consumption. The next best thing is to make sure you DON’T throw them in the trash!  Universal Waste Programs and Special Collection Events promote proper recycling, treatment and disposal of universal wastes for the community and small businesses.



Universal Waste Services Include:

  • Collection and Management - Scheduled service, on-call collection and one-day collection events.
  • Recycling
  • Regulatory Assistance - Local, state and federal levels
  • Technical Assistance


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