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Advanced Environmental Options, Inc. contracts for Special Waste Collection Events for special household hazardous wastes and problematic waste streams.  Special waste collection programs provide a greater collection and recycling opportunity for the community, involve fewer regulatory requirements, are often eligible for special grant funding and are less costly to operate than full-scale household hazardous waste program collection events.  We are working with state and federal agencies to allow for "Drug Take Back" programs to begin!

Types of Special Waste Collection Events:

  • Electronic Waste (e-Waste) - AEO offers total recycling of e-waste.
  • Mercury Waste
  • Recycle-Only Waste - For all recyclable materials.
  • Pharmaceutical Waste - AEO is now a fully licensed Controlled Substance Transporter for Schedule 3-5 drugs. 


Contact one of our Sales Representatives to schedule your Special Waste Collection Event today!  recycling2


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