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Advanced Environmental Options, inc. provides complete RCRA and non-RCRA Site Closure Services in support of property transfer, facility closure, disaster recovery, development/redevelopment, and Brownfield transactions.  Our services include comprehensive decontamination, decommissioning, demolition and material/soil remediation.


AEO's Decontamination Services offer a wide range of decontamination services.  In emergency and scheduled situations, we evaluate the circumstance and develop a safe, comprehensive and cost effective plan.

AEO has performed thousands of decontaminations and facility closures for small single buildings to multi-building expansive facilities. Whether you are selling an industrial building or facility that requires decontamination for mercury, lead, PCB, pathological, etiological or other contaminants, AEO has the experience, resources and manpower to handle any decontamination situation.

  • Overall project/construction management
  • Cost tracking and accountability
  • Subcontractor qualification, solicitation and management
  • Manual scraping and utilization of high efficiency particulate air filter vacuums
  • Decontamination via the use of bleach or other specialty chemical solutions
  • Pressure washing
  • Use of HEPA negative air machines
  • Manual and chemical cleaning
  • Mobile treatment systems

Decommissioning and Demolition Services

AEO provides Demolition and Dismantling Services in both emergency and scheduled situations.  Applications may include building demolition and dismantling of partial or total building or plant structures.

Upgrading equipment or renovating production areas may require the removal of existing process equipment. Welded piping, stainless alloys, reactors, concrete structures, structural steel, pressure vessels and limited space require the skillful selection of demolition techniques such as cold and hot cutting including plasma arc cutting, mechanical disassembly and/or rigging.

AEO provides contamination identification, sampling, segregation and disposal.  We implement efficient methodologies to reduce site emissions during demolition activities and cost-effective disposal technologies.

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