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Advanced Environmental Options, Inc. provides Excavation and Site Construction Services.  These include soil excavation, management and transportation and disposal for complex projects that require handling large volumes of materials. Excavation and removal is a fundamental, frontline remediation method involving the removal of contaminated soil and media, which are typically transported off-site for treatment or disposal.

Experience Includes

  • MGP site remediation
  • Braced excavation / sheeting / shoring
  • Landfill capping / closure
  • Interceptor trench
  • UST removal
  • Demolition / decontamination / decommissioning
  • Revetment / bank stabilization
  • On-site stabilization / solidification
  • Mechanical / hydraulic dewatering
  • Trenching and pipe installation
  • Complete site restoration
  • Transportation and disposal

Surgical Excavation

When conventional excavation techniques are not feasible or are impractical, AEO employs “surgical excavation” techniques that safely provide a non-destructive and precise excavation practice in areas such as building basements, backyards, or other confined areas.  Surgical excavation techniques are used to locate/identify underground utilities, tanks, structures, or excavation near buildings, retaining walls or foundations and for excavation of buried drums, cylinders and unknown materials.

Buried Drums and Cylinders

AEO has vast experience handling complex buried drum, cylinders and unknown material excavation projects.  AEO applies surgical excavation techniques to excavate drums from the most challenging environments.  We provide complete drum management services including, Haz-Cat screening, sampling, profiling, manifesting and transportation and disposal of hazardous or non-hazardous waste.  These projects require careful investigation due to a large number of anomalies and the complexity of coordinating heavy equipment operations, drum handling and final site closure.

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