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When a facility closes or needs to be relocated, Advanced Environmental Options, Inc. provides Facility Closure Services.  These services include packaging, transporting and disposal of chemicals from inventory, waste by-products from operations, maintenance products, and chemical samples.  We tailor our cleanout and removal services to each site’s requirements. Our experience ranges from small, one-day closures within the same building to larger, multiple-lab closures and building decontaminations.

Time-critical Response

Regardless of complexity and even with short lead times, AEO can respond quickly to scope and execute a comprehensive plan.

Qualified Chemists and Field Personnel

AEO's chemists and technicians categorize and properly package all sizes of hazardous and non-hazardous materials for movement to your new location or transport them to a disposal facility.

Chemical Packing and Unpacking

For materials being moved to a new location, our crews will segregate the materials to be moved by chemical compatibility and package them into DOT or TDG approved containers.  Packing lists are generated for each container, itemizing each substance, its physical state, size of the container, and number of containers.  All packaged containers are then transported to the new facility.

Disposal of Unwanted Materials

During facility closures, it is not uncommon to encounter materials that are no longer needed or are unsuitable for shipment including highly hazardous materials such as peroxidized ethers and corroded cylinders.  AEO will identify and provide the most sound, cost-effective disposal option for your unwanted chemicals. 

Plant Decontamination Services

AEO crews provide any type of decontamination services required to get your facility into “turnover” condition including pressure washing, water blasting, scarifying and chemical cleaning. We handle materials ranging from non-hazardous oils to hazardous chemicals and biohazards.

Remediation Services

AEO can handle any size remediation project that may be required to close your facility and ensure it is in compliance. We can remedy problems such as contaminated groundwater, soil, building materials and structures such as concrete.

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