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Advanced Environmental Options, Inc. provides excavation and removal services for soil remediation projects, new construction, and expansion and real estate transactions.

This fundamental, frontline remediation method involves the removal of contaminated soil and media, which are typically shipped off-site for treatment and/or disposal. It is also used for the removal and abandonment of underground structures that are out of compliance or have been identified as a potential or actual point source of contamination. 

Soil/Media Removal

Excavation and removal services are utilized for localized contamination and point source removal.  The scale of removal can range from 30 cubic yards of residential, oil-contaminated soil to 20,000 cubic yards of energetic, DNT-contaminated soil at a munitions manufacturing facility.

Excavation Protection Systems

AEO's construction professionals deploy excavation protection systems such as trench boxes, slide rail systems, and hydraulic bracing.  We employ independent professionals for the design of all systems and engage a select group of subcontractors for the design and installation of systems involving braced excavation.

On-Site Remediation

On-site treatment can yield significant savings compared to off-site transportation and disposal.  The treated soil may also have beneficial secondary use as construction fill and road base material.

Consolidation, Containment and Capping

Excavation and removal is increasingly associated with on-site waste consolidation whereby the waste is ultimately contained within an engineered cap system.  Excluding “conventional” landfill closure caps, this method performs as a long-term but interim measure for select applications.

Groundwater Collection Systems (Interceptor Trenches)

Excavation and removal often facilitate construction of groundwater collection systems and other related, in-situ remediation applications.

UST Remediation

Excavation and removal facilitates UST compliance programs involving removal of leaking or out of compliance systems, point source removal, and in-situ remediation applications.

Vacuum Excavation Utilizing Air Moving Equipment

When it is not feasible to use hand excavation or excavation equipment due to site constraints or soil conditions, we utilize truck mounted high draw vacuum systems to remove soil from the excavation zone and and dispose of it away from the site. This is a practical alternative to micro excavations such as around electrical or pumping equipment.

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