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Do you manage a warehouse, laboratory, hospital, school, medical facility, factory, or operation that uses small containers (usually less than 10 gallons each) of chemicals, solvents, reagents, paints, thinners, dyes, inks, acids, bases, cleaners, strippers, pool chemicals, dry cleaning compounds, etc.? 

Over time, you will find that jars and cans have accumulated that are out-of-date, contaminated, partially used, leaking, or simply no longer needed.  Some chemicals, like picric acid (commonly used in medical laboratories) become explosive as they age, and in a few months can explode just from the friction of opening the lid.   Other chemicals, like solvents such as acetone, MEK, xylene, ether or toluene are hazardous wastes after you have used them.  Chromic acid cleaning solutions, used or unused, are a hazardous waste.  Old compressed gas lecture bottles can become very dangerous if the valves have rusted.  Aerosol cans of paint, printed circuit board cleaners and degreasers are also hazardous wastes.

Advanced Environmental Options, Inc. offers extensive expertise and resources in chemical packing services.  Our highly trained chemists, technicians and drivers ensure all of your laboratory, highly hazardous, reactive and radioactive chemicals will be identified, labeled, packaged, transported and disposed of properly. 

Chemical Packing Services

  • Trained Chemists
  • Chemical Segregation
  • Onsite Haz-Cat (For properly identifying unknown chemicals)
  • Remote Opening and Stabilization of Reactive Chemicals
  • Laboratory Chemical Packing
  • Cylinder and Compressed Gas Management
  • Laboratory Moves
  • Radioactive Services and Disposal
  • Proper Packaging, Labeling and Manifesting of Chemicals and Wastes (For EPA & DOT Regulations)





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