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Advanced Environmental Options, Inc. provides oil collection and recycling services to electric, water and gas utilities and telecommunications fleet garages, power stations and natural gas compressor stations throughout the southeastern United States.

When turbine or hydraulic reservoirs require new oil charges, AEO can remove the bulk used oil from the reservoirs for recycling or disposal.  We can also remove glycols from all types of cooling systems.  Drums of used oil and antifreeze can be disposed of by utilizing the scheduled drum pick up program offered by AEO.


Liability Protection

AEO offers transfer of title protection from future environmental liabilities.

Waste Oil Recycling Services

AEO's Oil Recycling Services collect and process oil and oil related materials for beneficial reuse including waste oil and oil/water mixtures.  We provide the pick up and transportation of bulk and drum wastes.  All materials are recycled for beneficial reuse at our waste oil recycling facility.

Used Antifreeze and Cooling System Glycol Disposal Services

We can pick up and transport bulk glycol and antifreeze. Materials are recycled at our waste oil recycling facility or taken for proper disposal.




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