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Advanced Environmental Options, Inc. is a leader in the fight for preservation of our environment.  We continuously strive to find new ways to improve recycling efforts for our customers.  One way we are accomplishing this is through our Light Bulb Recycling services.  

Did you know that throwing away one fluorescent light bulb could pollute up to 6,000 gallons of water with toxic mercury?  Or that one-in-six children born in America every year have been exposed to mercury levels so high that they are potentially at risk for learning disabilities, motor skill impairment and short-term memory loss.  One teaspoon of mercury can contaminate a 20 acre lake forever and an estimated 600 million fluorescent lamps are disposed of in US landfills amounting to 30,000 pounds of mercury waste.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs and lamps are much more energy efficient than standard light bulbs.  However, they pose a huge environmental risk if they aren't recycled and are disposed of in a landfill.  AEO sends all fluorescent light bulbs to an EPA-approved recycling facility and sends you  a certificate stating the date they were recycled so you can rest assured that mercury from your light bulbs did not pollute the environment.

To learn more, please visit the EPA website:

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