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Advanced Environmental Options, Inc. can safely and efficiently dispose of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids, solids and sludge waste streams associated with power generations plants, distribution networks, service garages and all sectors of the utility industry.

AEO provides reliable, cost-effective transportation and waste disposal.  From incineration, waste water treatment, recycling and landfill disposal, to more specialized services such as fuel blending, lab chemical disposal, used oil and oil products recycling, and PCB dechlorination, we employ the most advanced technologies to recycle, treat or dispose of your waste materials.

Typical Utility Waste Handled

  • TSCA, PCB contaminated material equipment, pipe debris
  • Waste waters from boiler or turbine blade cleaning processes
  • Acid/Caustic sludge from plant maintenance
  • Spill cleanup waste streams, oil contaminated soils, other hazardous materials
  • Manhole and vault sludge
  • Gas condensate
  • Gas regulators and metering waste
  • Fuel tank residuals and bottoms
  • Garage waste, oil, filters, solvents, glycols, oily debris
  • MGP waste, NAPL and DNAPL when contaminated
  • Light bulbs
  • Batteries
  • Other RCRA and RCRA exempt waste streams
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