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Advanced Environmental Options, Inc. provides on-site transformer services at your location to install or remediate your transformer. You avoid the lead time for ordering and the cost of new transformers.  AEO can extend the life of in-service transformers whether they are in the beginning, middle or end of their life cycle.

Investment Recovery

AEO offers a comprehensive program that provides customers with revenue for their scrap electrical equipment.  We can also provide end of life recycling for investment recovery of the asset.

Power Substation Transformer Dismantling and Removal

AEO has the expertise to dismantle or downsize transformers for shipment off-site for metal and oil reclamation.  We also have the capability to dismantle entire substations with recycling of the metals and disposal of any waste materials. 

Transformer Oil Reclamation

Our oil reclamation process helps extend the life cycle of substation transformers.  The transformer oils are processed through our closed loop reclamation unit to remove moisture, gases, and oxidation by-products and return the oil to like new standards.

Retrofill - Oil Filled Electrical Equipment

To reclassify the unit to non-PCB status and extend the life of the transformer, AEO can change out the PCB contaminated transformer fluids and refill with new oil.

Transformer Vacuum Filling

In new installations or in retrofill situations, AEO has the required capabilities to pull vacuum on transformer tanks.  Vacuum fill ensures that all air pockets are removed from the paper insulation so that the dielectric fluid penetrates all paper insulation, creating a better dielectric-insulating environment.

PCB Remediation Services

With our network of field service offices and extensive disposal facilities utilized, no job is too large or too small for AEO to manage.  We provide expert knowledge of the PCB requirements to keep our customers within their legal and environmental responsibilities. 

Electrical Equipment Recycling and Disposal

AEO personnel at our facilities can manage all of your recycling needs without having to subcontract any disposal. 

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