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Advanced Environmental Options, Inc. offers economical and environmentally sound disposal options of batteries and laboratory chemical wastes from power plants, central service centers and other field locations.  Our highly trained technicians are skilled in chemical recognition, stabilization, segregation, packaging and transporting and handling lab packed chemicals.  Reclamation, fuel blending, high temperature incineration, aqueous treatment, and secure chemical landfill disposal capabilities are available through AEO.

Services Offered:

  • Lab packing

  • Battery disposal

  • Unknown chemical identification and disposal

  • Cylinder and compressed gas management and disposal

  • Laboratory moves

Lab Packing Service

AEO's technicians collect, label, and package your lab pack wastes in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. All lab pack waste can be removed from the site the day it is packaged, unless prohibited by law.

Battery Disposal Services

AEO's technicians utilize proprietary battery packing protocol to ensure that batteries are packaged, handled, and transported in a safe and compliant manner.

Unknown Chemical Disposal

We provide fingerprint analysis of lab pack quantity unknown compounds, which allows our chemists to determine the physical properties of the chemical and package it with compatible materials.

Cylinder and Compressed Gas Management and Disposal

Our technicians evaluate all cylinders to verify or refute the contents, determine their transportability, and ascertain whether the material will be sent for recovery or disposal.

Laboratory Moves

Our technicians package the chemicals intended to be moved in the same manner as chemicals intended for disposal, following the same regulations and adhering to the same site-specific health and safety procedures.

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