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Damaged & Discarded Goods Management Print E-mail

Advanced Environmental Options, Inc. safely and routinely manages retail products that need to be discarded due to shelf life expiration or damages. Products include Schedule 3-5 drugs, non-scheduled drugs, aerosol cans, laundry detergent, lighter fluids, ammunition, toys, cosmetics, perfumes, flammable goods, garden supplies, oils, engine fluids, and parts cleaners.  Our technicians collect, sort, package, manifest, transport and dispose of these products to prevent them from entering the consumer market.  If the retail store opts to package the damaged goods themselves, we can provide the packing materials, supplies and containers.

AEO works with a network of EPA approved treatment, storage and disposal facilities therefore making it possible for you to work with just one company to handle 100% of the collection and disposal of your unwanted consumer products.


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