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Catch Basin Cleaning Print E-mail

Retail businesses are responsible for maintaining any catch basin that is located on their property.  Catch basins that have been affected by spills and polluted runoffs or that are clogged from accumulated sediment, trash/debris can cause water to collect in parking lots and  block sewer systems.  It is essential to maintain catch basins to prevent sewer blockages, prevent parking lot flooding, and reduce the amount of pollutants entering storm sewers, which discharge directly into our waterways.

Advanced Environmental Options, Inc. can easily clean the most difficult to reach catch basins.  We routinely perform maintenance of catch basins by removing obstructing materials such as leaves and litter, as well as entire storm drainage systems. We also provide emergency service to handle pump station or sewer line failures.  All sediments are then transported for proper disposed.

Call AEO for a proposal of  keeping your facility in compliance.

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