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Advanced Environmental Options, Inc. offers decontamination services for a wide range of contaminates and in various circumstances.  With AEO's extensive inventory of specialized decontamination equipment, you can rest easy knowing your contamination problem will be solved by removal, neutralization, or destruction of any harmful substance.  From one piece of small machinery to entire facilities, AEO can handle all of your decontamination needs.

Mercury Decontamination

With a Luminex Mercury Analyzer, Mercury Vapor Scrubber and Baccurate Mercury Detectors, AEO is the most well equipped and experienced team to decontaminate your lab, school or facility.

Heavy Metal and Chemical Decontamination

AEO can bring your heavy metals or chemically contaminated areas back to their original state with pressure washing, chemical cleaning and various other methods.

PCB and Oil Decontamination

Decontamination of leaking PCB transformers, contaminated transformer pads, PCB and high voltage transformer vaults and manholes are routinely performed using a triple wash, triple rinse process that may include the use of solvents and pressure washing.

Individual Chemical Tanks and Large Plating Tank Lines

Cleaning plating lines, chemical tanks and vapor degreasers often requires total removal or decontamination in place. AEO accomplishes both utilizing various methods and techniques including

  • Confined space entries into tanks
  • Manual scraping of solid chemicals
  • Pressure washing
  • Cold and hot cutting of steel for removal of tank lines

RCRA Closure of Hazardous Waste Storage Areas

Closing out RCRA hazardous waste storage areas and storage tanks typically requires triple wash and triple rinse procedures including concrete scarifying to meet state and federal standards. AEO performs the full service, including final sampling for closure reporting.

Entire Facility/Building Decontamination

AEO has performed thousands of decontaminations and facility closures from small single buildings to multi-building expansive facilities that require decontamination for mercury, lead, PCB, animal fecal matter (pigeon, bat, chicken) and other contaminations.  AEO has the experience, resources and manpower to handle any decontamination situation.

Proven Techniques

  • Manual scraping and utilization of high efficiency particulate air filter vacuums
  • Decontamination via the use of bleach or other specialty chemical solutions
  • Pressure washing
  • Use of HEPA negative air machines
  • Manual and chemical cleaning

Biohazard Cleaning and Disinfection

AEO offers biohazard cleaning and disinfection for the agriculture and livestock industries, including low pathogen avian influenza building cleaning and disinfection.  We are experienced in dry and wet cleaning and disinfection techniques, the removal of animals and carcasses, and the elimination of organic and non-organic matter,including rodent control.

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