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Product Recovery & Transfer Print E-mail

Advanced Environmental Options, Inc. provides product recovery and transfer services on an emergency or scheduled basis.  AEO's large and varied inventory of equipment can accomplish product recovery on water as well as on land.  Through use of booming systems, a wide variety of absorbent materials, pumps and vacuum equipment, product can be recovered and/or transferred to temporary storage tanks while clean up of a spill or routine cleaning of your tanks occurs.   

AEO can provide frac tanks for the storage of your product during spill response or delivered to your site for product transfer prior to routine tank cleanings and maintenance.  Our pumping systems easily move the materials from your tank to our temporary storage tank and back after cleaning is complete.  Product recovered from a spill response can also easily be transferred back into your tank when clean up is complete.

Due to our long standing reputation and relationship with our disposal facilities, expediting waste approval is accomplished easily.  Minimizing your overall cost for spill site remediation and product loss is AEO's number one goal in these situations.


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