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Advanced Environmental Options, Inc. provides solutions for all of your industrial maintenance needs.  Whether it is routine maintenance or an emergency, AEO is prepared to manage chemical and specialty chemical plants hazardous, non-hazardous, wet and/or dry materials throughout the Southeast.

Typical Services Offered

  • Tank Cleaning
  • On-site Material Processing
  • Vacuum Services
  • Air Moving Services
  • Pipe Cleaning and Removal
  • Hydro Jetting and Blasting
  • Chemical Cleaning

Tank Cleaning

Using specialized vacuum equipment and highly trained environmental specialists, AEO cleans waste tanks, oil tanks, product and intermediate tanks, and wastewater treatment tanks in chemical, specialty chemical, or bulk facilities.  AEO has the capability to clean tanks of all sizes from the very small to extremely large.

Vacuum Services

In chemical and specialty chemical manufacturing plants and in the field, AEO collects and transports wet or dry hazardous and non-hazardous materials, handling sumps, wash pads, tanks, containment areas, raw material tanks, intermediate and finished material tanks.  Stainless steel, carbon steel, dry, and liquid vacuum units are provided on a routine or an emergency basis for general plant maintenance and planned projects, or for a spill or product release.

Air Moving Services

Air Moving Services collect solid industrial wastes and salvageable materials from hazardous or difficult-to-reach areas in chemical and specialty chemical plants or in the field, with the capabilities of handling a wide range of materials, wet or dry, hazardous or non-hazardous, with a consistency ranging from fine powder to chunks of concrete.

AEO has vessel-to-vessel transfer capabilities, allowing for enhanced recovery of reusable materials instead of treating the material as waste and incurring disposal costs. Substances handled include raw materials, intermediates, finished goods, and various waste streams.

Pipe Cleaning and Removal

As process piping becomes clogged with residue, AEO cleans and removes the most difficult materials utilizing jet rodding and other water jetting and blasting methods.  Service can be performed without confined space entry of the system.  We clear obstructions from underground pipes, process lines, and sewer systems, and restore the lines to original flow capacity. Our methods are effective on a variety of materials including hardened hydrocarbon materials, sand impacted sewer lines, and other debris.

Hydro Jetting and Blasting

AEO advanced hydro jetting and blasting (high pressure washing) applications, which utilize media at varying pressures and flow rates, cost-effectively clean surfaces, process equipment, storage and wash tanks, vessels, exchangers, towers, sumps, channel heads and valves. Hydro jetting can be applied to virtually every process configuration to remove foulants and other built-up materials generated in the chemical and specialty chemical industry.

Chemical Cleaning

Compared to mechanical cleaning methods, chemical cleaning processes can reduce downtime, exposure to toxic materials and environmental hazards, while helping the affected unit run more efficiently.  Our chemical cleaning technologies remove residual oils, corrosion, water hardness deposits and other foulants from process equipment without creating surface damage caused by traditional cleaning media.

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