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Advanced Environmental Options, Inc. provides management of all of your cylinders and compressed gases in both emergency situations and on a routine basis.  Compressed gas cylinders can present many hazards because the gas is under pressure and may contain hazardous properties.  Potential hazards associated with these cylinders include explosion, fire and impact by uncontrolled cylinders.  Potential hazards associated with the gases contained within include fire, asphyziation, poisoning and exposure-related illnessed and injuries.

AEO's services ensure safe and cost-effective handling, transportation and disposal of these cylinders.  By adhering to strict regulations and health and safety standards, you can rest easy knowing AEO has the experience, equipment and training to effectively manage your cylinder and compressed gas needs.

Cylinder and Compressed Gas Management Features and Services

  • On-site packaging and disposal
  • Facility based cylinder management
  • Unknown sampling and Identification
  • Damaged or defective cylinders
  • High-hazard cylinders
  • Disassociated compounds
  • Site remediation and containment
  • Portable / fixed tanks
  • Alkyl metals
  • Phosgene leak testing
  • Cylinder training programs


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